Sam Kekovich gives a testimonial for The K Faktor and Justin Karcher

Sam Kekovich gives a Testimonial for The K Faktor and Justin Karcher – Australia’s Lambassador speaks about why he’s worked with Justin Karcher for many years and continues to do so.

Curtly and Courtney’s Testimonial

Sir Curtly Ambrose and Courtney Walsh Testimonial – Curtly and Courtney explain why they agreed to tour Australia (twice!) and what it’s like to work with Justin Karcher

Oldie but a Goodie Bill Oddie Testimonial

The Legendary Bill Oddie from The Goodies gives Justin Karcher a Testimonial – Bill talks about his nationwide tour promoted by Justin Karcher, the fans, and why he was so sad that his tour of down under was over!

Miracle Style

Miracle Style is Malcolm Johnston in full flight again – The best parody version of Gangnam Style you’ll ever see. Enjoy!

JK the Charity MC Auctioneer testimonial

JK the Comic MC Auctioneer Testimonial – A short testimonial regards JKs work at a Gold Coast Surf Club fundraiser.

Some Jockey That I Used To Know

Some Jockey That I Used to Know – Once again Malcolm ‘Miracle’ Johnston proves why he is a man of so many talents.


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To whom it may concern, I embarked upon a 4 week/20 show speaking tour across England, Wales, Scotland and Jersey withJustin in October. Justin was not only the promoter of the tour but the MC, funnyman and auctioneer all rolled into one! Testament to the high level of professionalism and entertainment that Justin provided, coupled with my own sporting career and anecdotes, is the fact we have been booked to return in May for another 15 shows! I enjoy working and touring with Justin, and hope to continue the relationship into the indefinite future. I am sure that Justin can help your business as he has helped mine.

4 Week UK and Jersey Tour with Justin Karcher
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This was by far the most successful Sportsman’s Luncheon we have had in over 10 years of experience, and full credit
goes to The K Faktor – We raised in excess of $22,000!

West Belconnen Warriors
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Curtly and Courtney were very different and they worked really well together. They actually spoke longer than I expected
and told a lot of great stories – the punters just loved the show. Curtly even went outside with the media after the
show for photos, signed things for them and chatted about cricket & the West Indies – He did a really great interview
that was fantastic! I have be involved with a lot of shows and I think this was one of the best. Justin was very good in
his Emcee/Comedian role and should be congratulated. He really held the show together well and did a fine job. He had
recently broken his leg and continuing on with the tour is a real tribute to him & showed how courageous he is. He was
very professional ….could have very easily left us in the lurch but he pushed on and got the job done – A really good
event that raised over $30K for our club.

Mildura Club
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In my experience The K Faktor is one of the most professional groups I have worked with. Great shows, well organised and

ICC Elite Official, Former Cricket Australia Selector and Test Legend
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Curtly Ambrose & Courtney Walsh Australian Tour – Justin Karcher as Auctioneer/Emcee Courtney and Curtly worked very
well as a partnership. You could tell they know each other very well and that they have had a relationship for a very
long time that has continued off the field – it was a very enjoyable pairing. It is the best Club fundraiser we have had
by far, clearing $27K profit! We have really enjoyed working with Justin over the years and it is a real testament to
his expertise that he continues getting the caliber of speakers that he does. We look forward to more big names to come.

Daniel Storey
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Around here we call him big nuts for what he does. Just to get Sir Viv out here was just an outstanding effort. The
relationship I have developed with Justin over a short period of time had been fantastic. He has never put me wrong so
far and I don’t believe he ever would. I look forward to working with Justin even more in the future.

Andrew Hewett
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To whom it may concern, In the aftermath of the floods in Toowoomba, one of the first calls of support we received was
from Justin Karcher. Within three days he had organised Ron Barassi, John Connolly, Rodney Hogg, Tommy Raudonikis and
Arthur Beetson to help us raise money for people affected by the floods. The service he provides and the clients are
always at the top of their game. We consider the K Faktor an integral part of our business and love working with Justin
2-3 times a year. We are still in his debt.

The Spotted Cow, Toowoomba
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WOW what a night! Fletch and Hindy, and JK were great sports and had the whole room laughing from the very beginning.
The generosity of our guests exceeded our expectations and we put it down to Justin’s expert ability to read a room and
adapt his game plan to suit the situation. We will definitely be booking our guest speakers through The K Faktor again.

MK Events/Ag Grow Emerald
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JK (Justin Karcher) gets it. He’s there to keep the event running smoothly, inject humour where needed, juggle the
stakeholders to keep them happy and ensure that if everyone does their bit the event is a memorable one. He’s also a
clever exponent of identifying value, humour, research and engagement during the most important parts of a fundraising
event – table bingo and the auction. I enjoy working with Karch and I hope you do too.

Australian Cricketing Legend