, Mark GeyerMark Geyer

Mark Geyer didn’t play as many games as he should have. Suspensions kept pace with appearances on the field for a good part of his career, due in part to his exuberant tackling and in greater part to a dose of hot-headedness.

When he was free of injury and clear of head, MG was good enough to play for his state and his country. That he was a player from the top shelf, there is no doubt. A veteran of 14 seasons in the top grade, MG reached the height of his career during a six year stint at Penrith. He helped the Panthers to two Grand Finals against Canberra in 1990 and 1991, setting up all three Penrith tries in the triumph over the Raiders the second year. During this period he represented Australia on three occasions and played Origin for the Blues.

But in the 1990s MG was also one of the code’s more controversial players due to his ability to generate headlines regarding both his on- and off-field activities, which gained him at least as much attention as his playing talent. He was involved in that infamous confrontation with Queensland captain Wally Lewis that cost him a five-match suspension. MG just couldn’t keep out of trouble.

Since retiring, he has made a name for himself in the media. As aggressive as he was on the field, MG now creates waves on radio and TV.

You can never be sure what you’ll get with MG, except that, like his tackling, it is sure to be hard-hitting and your audience will be entertained!

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