, Lee Holdsworth

Lee Holdsworth

Lee Holdsworth’s career started in Karts at the age of seven – he was always going to be a racing car driver! In 2004 Leethal entered the V8 Supercar Development Series and caught the eye of main series Supercar team owner and renowned identifier of young racing talent, Garry Rogers. He spent the next six years in a Holden, before brief stints in a Ford, then a Mercedes.

In 2015, he’s back in a Commodore.

Holdsworth has the talent to wring every bit out of the car and win against the sport’s leading teams and drivers. That means he puts himself close to the edge and he’s had a few high-speed bingles on the journey. But Leethal’s a fearless driver and, above all, he’s fast!

His boss says, “Lee has always been seen as one of the top drivers in the V8 Supercars field and his consistency and attitude has always impressed me.”

When you combine his champion qualities with the fact that he’s a genuinely nice guy, you’ve got a package that’s tough to beat.

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