, John Elliott

John Elliott

John Dorman Elliott (born 1941) iconic aussie businessman, former president of the Liberal Party, and former president of the Carlton Football Club. Elliot, in his business and sporting pursuits, has been in the public eye for over a quarter of a century.

As an employee of a global consulting firm he and a few partners gained control of jam manufacturer IXL. His team bought other businesses and built up IXL into a major international force. By 1985 it was now called Elders IXL.  John also went on to be the CEO of the Fosters Brewing company as well, showing his skill for juggling many positions.

He is also famous for his role as president of the Liberal Party. Immortalised as a rubbery figure and famous for the “pig’s arse” quote, which he never actually uttered, John Elliot became a larger than life personality in Australian society.

As Elliot was blazing a trail in the business world he was also the president of his beloved Carlton Football Club. With John Elliot at the helm, the blues managed to win two premierships. After 20 years as president his relationship with the Carlton Football Club ended in 2002. Those 20 years being the most successful in the Blues history.

Controversial, confident and never one to take a backward step, John Elliot remains an important part of Australian culture.

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