, Dermott Brereton

Dermott Brereton

“Just another mad Irishman!”

Kevin Sheedy’s description is apt for this champion of AFL. While he regularly dazzled crowds with freakish marks and acts of selfless courage, he often was viewed as the ultimate villain, at the centre of brawls, wild melees and punch-ups. Dermie was possibly the most booed footballer in history, but The Kid could play.

Perhaps the most memorable game of his career was the 1989 Grand Final against Geelong. Seconds after the start, Dermott was cleaned up off the ball by a savage bump from Mark Yeates. Clearly concussed, he wobbled and vomited his way back to his position and it appeared unlikely he would be able to continue.

Minutes later, he marked and kicked an inspirational goal, finishing the match with three, his team Premiers by six points. Dermott had played the game of his life with three broken ribs!

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These days, the Kid is a polished and experienced performer in the media and on the speaker’s circuit.

“Dermott Brereton was very good. His interaction with guests after the function was a highlight.”

The ‘mad Irishman’ will be great for your club, too!