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Hi Belinda and Justin, I am emailing to say “thank you very much” for the autographed photo from our night at Croppa Creek. Thank you for doing this for me ,it is a lovely gesture ,once again. I have each of the autographed photos in my office and it is a great talking point. I hope each of you and your families are well. It has been a pleasure being involved with your team at The K Faktor, also with your guest stars, they have been truly remarkable gentleman in their chosen fields. I was very humbled by both gentleman ,at the way they took the time to blend in with the locals and availed themselves to mingle and become involved with the crowds at each of the events they attended. This is the sign of a true STAR/professional. Thanks again for this lovely gesture. Kind Regards

Christine Connor , HealthWise NSW and Carers NSW
WOW what a night! Fletch and Hindy, and JK were great sports and had the whole room laughing from the very beginning. The generosity of our guests exceeded our expectations and we put it down to Justin's expert ability to read a room and adapt his game plan to suit the situation. We will definitely be booking our guest speakers through The K Faktor again.

Matt and Kristy Peters, MK Events/Ag Grow Emerald
This was by far the most successful Sportsman’s Luncheon we have had in over 10 years of experience, and full credit goes to The K Faktor – We raised in excess of $22,000!

Rod Crocombe, West Belconnen Warriors
To whom it may concern, I embarked upon a 4 week/20 show speaking tour across England, Wales, Scotland and Jersey with Justin in October. Justin was not only the promoter of the tour but the MC, funnyman and auctioneer all rolled into one! Testament to the high level of professionalism and entertainment that Justin provided, coupled with my own sporting career and anecdotes, is the fact we have been booked to return in May for another 15 shows! I enjoy working and touring with Justin, and hope to continue the relationship into the indefinite future. I am sure that Justin can help your business as he has helped mine.

David Campese AM – 4 Week UK and Jersey Tour with Justin Karcher
Curtly and Courtney were very different and they worked really well together. They actually spoke longer than I expected and told a lot of great stories - the punters just loved the show. Curtly even went outside with the media after the show for photos, signed things for them and chatted about cricket & the West Indies - He did a really great interview that was fantastic! I have be involved with a lot of shows and I think this was one of the best. Justin was very good in his Emcee/Comedian role and should be congratulated. He really held the show together well and did a fine job. He had recently broken his leg and continuing on with the tour is a real tribute to him & showed how courageous he is. He was very professional ….could have very easily left us in the lurch but he pushed on and got the job done – A really good event that raised over $30K for our club.

Brad Fox – Mildura Club
In my experience The K Faktor is one of the most professional groups I have worked with. Great shows, well organised and enjoyable.

David Boon – ICC Elite Official, Former Cricket Australia Selector and Test Legend
Curtly Ambrose & Courtney Walsh Australian Tour - Justin Karcher as Auctioneer/Emcee. The show was awesome and it was really well received. It really gave the locals a fantastic opportunity to chat and get to know some very rare talent on a very personal level…..the locker room and pitch stories were so great to hear. Justin had a great sense of humour, was very engaging and worked the crowd perfectly. The auctions were just amazing, he was just unbelievable. He was extremely professional, very easy to work with and communicated very clearly with everyone. From the minute he arrived he took charge, which was just great – you could tell he had a genuine interest in our event. We would have him back anytime and are already planning our next event as we are so happy with how it all went.

Eastern Goldfields Cricket Association - Andrea Anderson
What a night for the club – the rooms were packed, the food and drinks were excellent, the guests were magnificent – the biggest night in the clubs history, with a nice profit to boost our bank balance. Everything ran smoothly, thanks to the hard work of a small number of club members, and the advice and information from all at the K-Faktor.

Joe Holland, President, Airport West St Christophers Cricket Club - Sir Vivian Richards & Rodney Hogg
Curtly Ambrose & Courtney Walsh Australian Tour - Justin Karcher as Auctioneer/Emcee The guys were very professional and very generous with their time. We had 110 in attendance and everyone got a chance to shake their hands, get autographs and take a photo. The show was just brilliant and everyone in the room got something out of it. Justin was a funny bugger….he was such a crack up! He ran the whole thing from start to finish which was great and really made it easy for us to sit back and enjoy the show. Having this event was really great advertising for our club. Everyone is still talking about it! This was the first event we have ever done and it was a great success. It really lifted our profile and we will definitely have another event in future – I would recommend this show to anyone.

Kas Low - Mandurah Cricket Club
Curtly Ambrose & Courtney Walsh Australian Tour - Justin Karcher as Auctioneer/Emcee Courtney and Curtly worked very well as a partnership. You could tell they know each other very well and that they have had a relationship for a very long time that has continued off the field – it was a very enjoyable pairing. It is the best Club fundraiser we have had by far, clearing $27K profit! We have really enjoyed working with Justin over the years and it is a real testament to his expertise that he continues getting the caliber of speakers that he does. We look forward to more big names to come.

Singleton Golf Club – Daniel Storey
Malcolm Johnston & Rodney Hogg - Salt SLSC annual Fundraiser Dear Malcolm, Rod and Justin Just a short note to say what a pleasure it was to have had you as part of our annual Salt SLSC sportsmans’ lunch at Saltbar last Friday. You guys were absolutely terrific – every bit as good as Justin promised you would be. The feedback since the event has been fantastic, thanks largely to you. The day’s take is still being tallied but it looks like around $20,000 – down a bit on prior years but the economy in our part of the world has been a bit crook of late and it seems progressively more and more difficult to extract donations from people. Tom PS – Malcolm – thanks for the tips for the Caulfield on Saturday.

Tom Ray
David Campese and Justin Karcher show A great night had by all, we laughed hard at Justin’s jokes and thoroughly enjoyed Campo’s candid response to audience questions and his insight into the game. Both gents were very approachable. The whole evening was professionally put together and really good value for money. You make a great combination which is something the ex-England players would do well to follow as it was a much more entertaining experience. Thanks lads!

Andy Dagger – Folkestone Rugby Club, England
Birth of Origin show: Tommy Raudonikis, Greg Oliphant & Justin Karcher as Auctioneer/Emcee Justin was extremely organised and very professional. As an Emcee he was fantastic! He did not try to dominate, he knew how to lead in well then step back when needed - as a middle man of the show he was great. I was absolutely blown away by the auction! I didn’t think with the crowd we had it would work (I’m sure Justin must have been an auctioneer in a past life) he really knew how to get everyone going, and to pull that sort of money out of the people he did….wow, I didn’t think it was possible! It was just amazing to sit back and watch. It was an unbelievable outcome for the Special Olympics, we raised over $7000 on the night so it was a fantastic result - a real tribute to how well the evening went. I would be more than happy for anyone to contact me for a reference, highly recommended, a fantastic night was had by all.

Salmon Brothers Golf Day/Dinner – Peter Salmon
Tommy Raudonikis - Macksville & District RL 100 year reunion Our weekend was a great success. We won the footy on Saturday (both games). On Sunday we sold out the breakfast for Tommy @ 250 and for such a small area that was just fantastic, the response has been extremely positive. Everyone loved Tommy (of course, who wouldn't). I run a business myself so I know what It was like, I would like to say Thank-you for all that you did to assist with the organisation of the event. It was really great to deal with someone so professional, you run your business very well!

Trevor Welsh - Macksville & District RL 100 year reunion
9 out of 10. Very funny and held the night together really well. Held the audiences attention throughout the night. Very good auctioneer with a sense of humour, this worked in order to find maximum bids in the room.

Tom Seymour, Durham County Cricket Club, UK
Birth of Origin - Tuggeranong Valley RLFC The best part for me was the simplicity of it all. The help that I received from Justin & Belinda in the early days until post show was just great. The DVD that was sent to me outlined exactly how to set it all up from start to finish which was really helpful & much appreciated.

Phil Watts - Tuggeranong Valley RLFC
To whom it may concern, In the aftermath of the floods in Toowoomba, one of the first calls of support we received was from Justin Karcher. Within three days he had organised Ron Barassi, John Connolly, Rodney Hogg, Tommy Raudonikis and Arthur Beetson to help us raise money for people affected by the floods. The service he provides and the clients are always at the top of their game. We consider the K Faktor an integral part of our business and love working with Justin 2-3 times a year. We are still in his debt.

Phil Coorey - The Spotted Cow, Toowoomba
He was a great MC...managed the night well and sorted everything out. Justin was very organised and very easy to work with.

Twane Voglsinger - Partner of Hoey Moey Coffs Harbour
Before I found The K Faktor I was looking around at other options, to book just one speaker cost so much more and really it came with nothing - just the speaker themselves. Going through The K Faktor is real value for $$ and just added so much to the whole function. I have been a manager now for 11 years and can honestly say I have never had such a successful function, both financially and socially. For a little bit of work you are able to get so much in return, I have and continue to highly recommend them to anyone I know.

Rod Fielding - Rockingham Sharks, WA
Just follow Justin’s simple A.B.C instructions to the letter and you can’t go wrong!

Steve Cummings Qld Entertainer on the Year 2005 & 2006
I will definitely use the K Faktor for any future dinners that I am putting together. The K Faktor really takes the pain out of it all. Very organised, keep in touch often - which from an organizers point of view really takes the worry out of it all.

Michael Leis - Excalibur Club, Newcastle
Very easy to deal with & very professional. Justin accessibility through the whole process was great. I really found the pack that was sent out to me extremely helpful. Everything is plotted out for you and it is very easy to pick up and put down as need be. For a manager of a club with no committee it can be extremely hard to put one of these events together - and it was stressful at times - but the way Justin has set it up, it is a huge help. You knew he was there if you needed anything. I would highly recommend them to anyone! I was very impressed with Justin’s ability to engage the crowd. He drew the Maximum possible bids from the people attending at the auction, and with his help we were able to make this show a great financial success for our club.

Mick Hughes – Cloncurry PCYC
The presentation of a pre-established format took much of the onerous task of organising the evening off the committee and allowed us to enjoy the night along with our guests.

Karen Newman, Springsure “Mountain Men” Rugby League Club
Great Value for money & worthwhile for sure – We were really blown away by the uniqueness of it.

Peter Castle/ Debora Kanak – Canberra Referees Association
Thoroughly professional and flexible – tailors events and shows to the clubs needs. Extremely easy to deal with, constant contact and support from start to finish which is greatly appreciated.

Patrick Flemming - PCYC Hervey Bay
Top class entertainment packages and you get all the support you need TKF is really the way to go.

Fiona Cossil -Beenleigh RSL
A professionally run business that delivered everything that was promised.

Mark Landsberg – Ferny Grove Bowls Club
David Campese and Justin Karcher show Brilliant, just brilliant! Wing Commander Wilco (now Captain!) is still talking about the night…

Ted Taylor from Salisbury Rugby Club, England
12 Campo/Karcher Events across Wales, Scotland and Jersey Campo didn’t hold any punches, was great with our VIPs and one on one with so many people through the events. Justin was very professional and very funny. Top auctioneer.

Matthew Jones - The Event Room
Professional, easy to deal with and extremely helpful.

Brian Torpy – Eastern Suburbs RLFC
Justin is the epitome of someone who is extremely organised; He really knows what he is doing! Justin has a great Zest and a real feel for what he does, I will continue working with him in the future.

David Sinclair - Cricketers Arms Hotel
Highly recommended! They made the event so easy to organise from pre show support to post contact. They constantly kept us updated, and were easy to contact for any queries we had.

Ian McCleery – Port Lincoln Racing
The Table Bingo was a cracker of an idea!!! What a fantastic way to raise money. Justin is very professional with Brilliant comedic undertones. Fair Dinkum he did really well! I really liked the icebreaker at the start of the night. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Gavin Townsend – Dubbo RSL
Very good range of speakers and an easy going mob – great to deal with! Justin is very prompt in all his replies which is great which makes things so much easier.

Mark Berchini - Greta/Branxton Colts RL
I would strongly encourage anyone to go through the K Faktor. A fantastic way to fundraise for your club.

Stuart Gay – Booroowa RL
Arthur Beetson & John Peard 16/07/2010 Hi Justin & Belinda, Sorry, first day at my desk since the lunch so catching up. We had a great day, 188 people - over $10,500- profit and a really good atmosphere. We extended the finishing time to 4pm to get the auction and raffle done and some people still didn't leave until close to 5pm. Arthur and John are absolute gentlemen and went out of their way to help and join in on the day. Arthur helped with the auction and included John in stories and jokes while this was happening, they didn't just do their talk and run. They must have been exhausted by the end of the day but didn't show this as they continued to talk to people, sign autographs and have photos taken, all with grace and humour. Their have been many comments about what "good blokes" they were. Thanks to you two for your support. Justin, you have a good team member in Belinda. It is good to see that you don't just take the booking but provide follow up and suggestions along the way. Much appreciated and I will have no hesitation in recommending your agency to others. Thanks again Annette

Annette Faulkner - San Clemente High School, fundraiser for special needs unit.
Justin, 10 out of 10. Very professional, and very funny. Great auctioneer.

Matthew Jones, The Events Room, Cardiff Wales
Justin Karcher is a very solid MC who steers the show in the right direction, and keeps everything on Track. Highly professional and made a hard Job look very easy. I would strongly recommend Justin to anyone!

Steve Cummings Qld Entertainer on the Year 2005 & 2006
Justin ran the night very well and made sure everything was kept on schedule. What clubs have to realise is without a decent auctioneer on these nights it really can cost you money. Justin was able to get us a very good result from the auctions, and you could also tell that Mike and Mal were happy with the outcomes as well. That is a real reflection of Justins skills as an auctioneer.

Daniel Storey - Singleton Golf Club – Mike Whitney & Mal Meninga Tour
Around here we call him big nuts for what he does. Just to get Sir Viv out here was just an outstanding effort. The relationship I have developed with Justin over a short period of time had been fantastic. He has never put me wrong so far and I don’t believe he ever would. I look forward to working with Justin even more in the future.

Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club – Andrew Hewett
Justin was very approachable and extremely down to earth. He was there to help make the money for our clubs fundraising; we all really felt that that was his main objective for the day. Justin made sure he knew all our clubs goals well beforehand, and helped us with every aspect to ensure we got the most out of everything. He is a real all-rounder and made it very easy for us. We all had a very relaxing and enjoyable day thanks to his efforts.

Kylie Purt – Nerang All Sports Club
Justin was real good, very organised! He was precise in the questions that he asked the boys, which was really good. He had people in stitches from the start with his jokes – he was very funny.

Shaun Gordon - Lemon Tree Passage
Justin knows exactly what he is doing! He made sure he understood the clubs aims well, and worked very hard over the duration of the weekend to ensure we got everything we wanted from our event. He is not one of those people who puts speakers on stage and then sits back…Justin really is involved in every part of the show – and throughout the whole process also. You get exactly what you want from Justin and a lot more! Justin puts you at ease and does his all to ensure your event is 100% successful – I have already booked another function for next year.

Ben Malady – Sunset Tavern Karumba
Justin is professional and yet jovial and relaxed as an MC. He has what it takes to keep a show going – the rare ability to read and understand a crowd and give them what they want while always keeping them wanting more.

Ronnie Kemp – League of their own, Melbourne TABCORP
It was a once in a lifetime opportunity having boys of that caliber at our club and Curtly and Courtney presented themselves in an excellent manner. The stories they told gave us a great insight into behind-the-scenes cricket that you would never hear or know of otherwise. Their ability to involve the guests in the show was fantastic, they interacted with everyone so well…. everybody had a chance to get a signature, have a photo and a chat – nobody was knocked back! What they did was just great, I will look forward to seeing them again in future.

North Albury Football Netball Club – Paul Spencer
We had 1100 people in attendance on the day and it was a really good show. The Item that the boys donated raised $700 on the day so we were really happy with that. They were well received, very popular (people were lining up to get their photos taken with them) and we have had a lot of good feedback from those in attendance. They were good speakers, engaging and there was a lot of humour in their stories. I was happy with how it all went.

Ultimate SLSC Luncheon - Mark Perkins
Courtney and Curtly were very entertaining, had some great stories to tell and worked really well together - they were just like brothers. They were very easy to understand (much taller than I expected) and were really good with the audience. They were happy to sign autographs and take photos with everyone. Justin had absolutely great showmanship as usual, a good combination. A great night was had by all!

The Entrance Leagues Club - Ben Zakaria
The guys were great. No doubt relieved that it was their last gig and you could tell by the end of the day, they were delighted they had completed the 19 gigs in total. Both Curtly and Courtney became more and more relaxed as the day went on. They worked very well together on stage and seemed very relaxed in front of everybody. The feedback we received from the crowd afterwards was very very positive and not a single negative word was spoken about the boys. They signed plenty of autographs and were happy to take plenty of photos for the punters. I cannot say a bad word about the boys. Justin was also in fine form at the gig. He also seemed very relaxed and delighted it was his last show. He was a pleasure to deal with at the gig and had the crowd in stitches on several occasions with his humour and presence on stage, even with a moon boot on!

Simon Breuer - South Barwon Cricket Club
We look forward to dealing with both yourself and Justin in years to come and hopefully add to our successful list of two shows (Viv& Hoggy and now Ambrose & Walsh)that you guys bring to Geelong. There are plenty of cricket clubs in Geelong that would love to put on a show like yesterday, but we are delighted to be able to deal with you directly. It is a wonderful showcase for our club and continues to put us on the map and not to mention, is also a wonderful fundraiser.

Simon Breuer, VP South Barwon Cricket Club, Memorabilia
The auction memorabilia was first class, with the bids on the night indication how attractive they were to all who attended the show.

Sam Patterson, Dysart Rugby League Club Inc
The memorabilia that was auctioned off on the night was of an extremely high quality, and was highly treasured by the people that won. The club benefited from the auction, and we were all exceedingly grateful for the contribution.

Carolyn Moriarty, Clermont Bears Rugby League
A major highlight of the night was the auctioning off of the memorabilia, which surpassed all expectations much to the delight of the purchasers of these items. Our club also gratefully accepted their generous contributions of funds from the sale of some to the auction items.

Karen Newman, Springsure “Mountain Men” Rugby League Club
The goods auctioned off were of highest quality – added an extra dimension to the night. Sir Vivian & Rodney were both prepared to have their photo taken with the winning bidders!

Bill Maddern, Life Member and Secretary, APW STC CC
I left Brisbane on the 14th December and over 37 hours later, via the world’s worst airport (LAX!), arrived unannounced at VC Bird International situated on the Island of Antigua, population 81,000. True to his word, given by phone the night before, the great man swaggered into our meeting room at the Jolly Beach Resort right on high noon, 16th December. After a couple of quiet drinks, a brief chat about terms and a good old-fashioned handshake, I had a deal with King Viv to come to Australia for three speaking tours and a fourth across the UK - more than 60 shows. We enjoyed lunch the following day and later savoured a night out on the town, St John’s style. I arrived home on the 21st December, horribly jet lagged but excited about the success of my very risky but extremely successful gamble to find, meet and sign up the great Sir Vivian Richards.

The signing of Sir Vivian Richards – December 2009 – Justin Karcher