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Cattledog and JK Show

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Cattledog and JK Show – the new Birth of Origin Show


This deal is that good it doesn’t need a sale pitch! All you need to know is the price……


$2000 or less* for two great entertainers, and it includes travel!

How can we offer such a fantastic price? It’s because we’re good blokes! And we guarantee we’ll raise at least $2000 on the day playing Table Bingo with the audience and from auction proceeds on the 3 items we’ll donate to you! Pretty damn good eh?

With us taking all the risk this leaves you guys to make a killing on the ticket sales, food, drinks, merchandise, additional auction items and pokies.

We have a condition – you must have at least 90 attendees at tables of 8-10. That’s only $20 per head for a great show!

*The balance of our show fee is $2000, but as we’re going to guarantee you a return of at least $2000 from table bingo and the donated auction items your net cost will be a maximum of the $2000+gst deposit. At the vast majority of shows we are donating back in excess of $2000 on the night which means the net show cost to you will be less than $2000! ‘Now that’s a good deal!’ I hear you say.

*Price is good for anywhere that is a 3 hours drive from the Gold Coast, Rockhampton, Sydney, Canberra or Newcastle.

One very happy customer shares her thoughts on the show….

Cattledog (AKA Tommy Raudonikis) and JK (AKA Justin Karcher) were not only very funny and genuine down to earth blokes, but you could tell they had a real interest in helping our club make the night as successful as possible. Right from the start JK had the audience laughing hard and interacting. Tommy has such a great story to tell and was so funny. Both lads hung around after the show to swap stories and share a drink with all our patrons, this was so well received and really helped the image of our club, let alone the bar sales! The support from Belinda at The K Faktor for the 2 months leading up to the show was brilliant. Nothing was too hard, the paper and radio interviews she arranged really helped to promote the night. The Cattledog and JK Show is a great fundraiser and a must have for any league club. Thanks guys!
Marion Callow, Manager, CQ Leagues Club Bundaberg

Call Justin for bookings – Mobile 0410 248 587