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Looking for a show that will increase attendances and appeal to both Mums and Dads?

Looking for a show that will increase attendances and appeal to both Mums and Dads?

March 18th, 2016

The Family Show has a Sporting Legend for the Dads, a Parenting/Family Expert and 600+ show MC Comic[…]

Andrew Joey Johns - should you believe the media?

Andrew Joey Johns – should you believe the media?

February 25th, 2016

This photo was taken at the Lakeside Village Tavern in Raymond Terrace last Friday night where Joey […]

PNG - where seeing the humour in being robbed became essential

PNG – where seeing the humour in being robbed became essential

February 17th, 2016

No two days were ever the same over the 8 years I lived and worked in PNG. Strap yourselves in for a[…]

Don’t take our word for it, read and watch the testimonials below.

‘We’ve done 10 shows to date with The K Faktor and raised over $100,000, with a minimum of $4000 from 55 people to a maximum of $27,000 with 230 attendees. Our events have been growing and making more each time. We use TKF for the proven track record and professionalism their entire team provide; from talent, communication, auction items and reliability, there is nothing I can fault.’ Daniel Storey – Singleton Golf and Cricket Clubs

‘In my experience The K Faktor is one of the most professional groups I have worked with. Great shows, well organised and enjoyable.’ David Boon – ICC Elite Official, Former Test Selector and Cricket Icon

Sam Kekovich Video Testimonial

Watch Sam Kekovich as he delivers a video Testimonial for Justin Karcher and The K Faktor. You know it makes sense!


‘Approximately six years ago I was fortunate enough to run into Justin at an industry event. I say lucky simply because through this chance encounter, we have since raised over $80,000 in nine of Justin’s shows.’ Andrew Hewitt – Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club

‘This was by far the most successful Sportsman’s Luncheon we have had in over 10 years of experience, and full credit goes to The K Faktor – we raised in excess of $22,000!’ Rod Crocombe – West Belconnen Warriors

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‘Fail to prepare, and you’re preparing to fail’
Call Justin to start fundraising now! 0410 248 587

NGOs, Non Profit, NFPs and Charities

NGOs, Non Profit, NFPs and Charities

Looking for unique fundraising ideas that will appeal to your donor base, or to attract new donors to your cause?

fundraising for Schools


Penny Auctions, bake sales and free dress days not getting the results you desire? The K Faktor has hundreds of fundraising ideas to get students and parents right behind your school..



Finding it hard to attract new members, players and sponsors to your club? The K Factor team has worked with over a hundred sporting and entertainment celebrities around the world, at thousands of events, and has access to nearly anyone. If your club wants to host a lunch or night with the stars then Contact Justin (K Factor) to discuss your goals. But hosting a celebrity is only one of many ways Justin has helped clubs achieve their fundraising goals. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Solo Causes

Solo Causes

Do you have a family member or friend that really needs community support? If Justin can’t introduce you to the right charitable organisation or support group, then he will certainly set you on your way towards raising much needed funds, goods and services to help those in need by providing countless fundraising ideas.

Fundraising Ideas for Sporting clubs and Charities

“In a depressed economy with so many charities and causes asking for our spare (and precious) hard earned cash, isn’t it time for someone to guide us in how to raise money innovatively and successfully?”

Since 1999 The K Faktor (aka Justin Karcher or K Factor) has been helping community and sporting clubs, charities, Not For Profits (NFPs), Non Profit, NGOs, corporates, schools and individuals raise over $24m for worthy causes. In this time, he has spoken to more than 200,000 people worldwide about the art of fundraising, either as a fundraising consultant, project manager, or an MC Comic Auctioneer at a charity event or corporate entertainment placement.

Management of sporting legends such as Sir Viv Richards, Joe Bugner, Mal Meninga, Ron Barassi, Sir Curtly Ambrose, Sam Kekovich, Kerry O’Keeffe, David Campese, Tommy Raudonikis, Fletch and Hindy, Allan Border, Glenn McGrath and many others are a part of everyday at The K Faktor. Speaking tours across the globe; funding and promoting sell out theatre performances by internationally acclaimed entertainers such as Bill Oddie OBE; and stakeholder relationships with the likes of Coca-Cola, the big 4 Banks, the ICC, all major Television Networks, World Rugby, Cricket Australia, the AFL and NRL; intertwine to form the basis of a business that lives and breathes fundraising ideas.

Justin (K Factor) is considered a fundraising king, philanthropic guru, top MC comic, legend and coach in the club industry. He has a wealth of knowledge about how to build a database of donors; about fundraising ideas, methods and tools; about online and offline events, sponsorship acquisition and goals, event and project management, live and on/offline auctions; and about ‘out of the box’ thinking when it comes to creative fundraising solutions and awareness. Let alone good old fashioned Entertainment!

Justin loves to talk about Fundraising Ideas for Clubs, Charities and Individuals, so click on the Contact Justin link below and use your free 15-minute consultation to start planning your next fundraising initiative.

With a stable of over 100 sporting legends Justin (K Factor) can provide a second-to-none celebrity MC, a celebrity keynote speaker, a wealth of fundraising ideas using this talent pool or just an event full of entertainment you’ll never forget. Considering his first hand relationship with so many sporting identities Justin can produce quality and very rare sporting memorabilia for even the most avid of collectors. The K Factor also provides memorabilia on consignment.

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