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Did someone say FREE BEER? Gold Coast Sixes is giving Free Beer to all Captains/Organisers..

No leg pulling going on here! We’re more fair dinkum than the Irwin kids. We totally understand how much work goes into putting a bunch of mates together for a post season trip. So, to acknowledge you Captains and team Organisers we’re going to reward you with FREE BEER for the 3 days of the carnivale in our GC6s Chill Zone Bar at the grounds. You might be the designated team guru, but no need to worry about being the designated driver as we’ll be running shuttles to and from the grounds all day!

So let’s all say three beer cheers for the organisers…and free beer.

Don’t forget the AB signed Bat for the Early Birds, so Register Your Interest now.

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Who we’re chasing and talking to now

Michelle Payne
Yes, we are chasing the darling of the track. Michelle Payne has become so busy and her management has knocked me back twice, but I won’t stop trying (because I’m a cheeky Monkey) to get her out to us good old grass roots punters for a heart to heart chat on stage about her amazing story.
As you can imagine, the corporate dollars being thrown at her right now are phenomenal, but hopefully later this year she’ll have some time to visit us in club and pub land at our charity rate! Unless of course she wins back-to-back MEL Cups!

Remember this hip and shoulder? Had officials in both the NRL and AFL standing to applaud.
Roy has some great stories, leads a colourful existence in the cricketing world and has Rodney Hogg (@RMHogg) hot on his heels to sign on the dotted line with The K Faktor.

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2016 – year of the cheeky Monkey..and cool sporting trivia/stories

The photo to the left (or above on your phone) is my letterbox. I’ll make the assumption you know what number my house is on our street. The postie hasn’t told me off yet and still delivers. Test out your postie with a quadratic equation and see how you go.
My ultimate goal is to grab a beer and sit in the front yard enjoying the sight of our postie stopping at every home with a calculator in hand to solve a myriad of complex mathematical puzzles!

At 2am this morning, when I had our 3 month old sleeping on my chest (giving poor mum a rest) and our 2 year old impersonating a dole of teenage mutant ninja turtles ‘sleeping’ between my wife and I, was when I decided that I needed to bring a little cheekyness into others lives with my letterbox idea. So, if you don’t like it, blame it on a lack of sleep!

Love unusual and ‘not in Wikipedia’ sporting trivia?
Almost everyday I will be Tweeting a question that should have the most astute sporting trivia hound on their toes. There will even be stories from speaking tours in progress or days gone by.
You can follow my handles @GoldCoastSixes or @thekfaktor to play along.

Here’s the first question for all you non Twitterers…

Q. Did Sir Viv Richards ever have a chewing gum sponsor? And if so, who was it?

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$100,000 Draw

My local JP (Kay Hodges) had the pleasure of drawing the winners name.
Drum roll please….

And the winner is – Phil Coorey at the Spotted Cow in Toowoomba!

The Spotted Cow is a top pub well worth a visit for a great steak if you’re in the neighbourhood; the Coorey family and staff are a wonderful bunch of people. Deserved draw winners.

The next step is to get together with Phil and give him the opportunity to draw the $100,000 winning envelope, a bit like a joker draw for those of you into cash draws.
This will happen over the next 2 weeks and watch this space for the result. We hope he wins the $100k because we have to pay the insurance no matter what!

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