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Blowing Our Own Trumpet


We at the K Faktor are not ones to boast (much). But we thought you might like to know about some of the things we’ve been up to lately.

You’ve heard of the ICC World Cup?

It’s that marathon of 50-over slog-fests featuring the best of the best cricketers and tens of thousands of fanatical supporters from around the world. It’s BIG!

The K Faktor Stable has supplied two of our most popular celebrities for the ICC Official Fan Zone at the MCG. Greg ‘Fat Cat’ Ritchie and Mike Whitney have hosted the festivities at every game, featuring cultural song and dance from the countries playing at the G on the day. We also heard a whisper that special envoy, raconteur and man-about-town, Mahatma Cote, was also seen wandering the Fan Zone.

All the Big Names hang out with our celebrities!

The K Faktor is proud to be associated with such a massive event.

‘Fat Cat’ and Whit could be at your next event too. Just ask Justin.

While we’re on the World Cup, we want to give a little shout out to mighty Bangladesh for their sensational triumph in Adelaide. Not that we’re rejoicing in England’s misfortune – we’d never do that! We always want England to do well – except when they’re playing someone else.

All power to the tenacious Tigers!

For more Fundraising Ideas visit our Celeb and Pre Packaged Fundraising ideas page or Contact Justin on 0410 248 587

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Cattledog and JK Show


This deal is that good it doesn’t need a sale pitch! All you need to know is the price is $1500* for two great entertainers, and it includes travel!

How can we offer such a great price? It’s because we’re good blokes! And we are that confident of raising $2000+ through our game Table Bingo and the auctions that we have taken all the risk and given you guys the net cost of the show.

Pretty damn good eh?

With us taking all the risk this leaves you guys to make a killing on the ticket, food, drinks, merchandise and pokies sales.

We have a condition – you must put at least 10 tables of 8 together = 80+ punters.

*Price is good for anywhere that is a 3 hours drive from the Gold Coast, Rockhampton, Sydney, Canberra or Newcastle.

One very happy customer shares her thoughts on the show….

“Cattledog (AKA Tommy Raudonikis) and JK (AKA Justin Karcher) were not only very funny and genuine down to earth blokes, but you could tell they had a real interest in helping our club make the night as successful as possible. Right from the start JK had the audience laughing hard and interacting. Tommy has such a great story to tell and was so funny. Both lads hung around after the show to swap stories and share a drink with all our patrons, this was so well received and really helped the image of our club, let alone the bar sales! The support from Belinda at The K Faktor for the 2 months leading up to the show was brilliant. Nothing was too hard, the paper and radio interviews she arranged really helped to promote the night.

The Cattledog and JK Show is a great fundraiser and a must have for any league club. Thanks guys!”

Marion Callow, Manager, CQ Leagues Club Bundaberg

Like to book us? Contact Justin on 0410 248 587

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Fundraising’s 12 Commandments – Ideas for Sporting Clubs and Charities

Fun in fundraising

To be successful, attendees need to feel like they’ve received real value for money at your event. Fundraising nights like this can be a very profitable annual or even bi-annual event for your group. To have continued success, you must ensure that every show is an advertisement for the next. This won’t happen if you hire the wrong celebrity!

Our nation has produced some of the greatest champions the world has ever seen. All, in their own way, have a story to tell – but not all those stories are entertaining!

You want a celebrity who will keep the crowd interested, tell a few jokes, pass on some wisdom, and give an insight into some famous and infamous events of sporting history. The K Faktor works very closely with its stable of speakers to ensure your night is one to remember. We can advise you on the right celebrity for your event and ensure that they are stage ready, providing a show that will not only bring the house down, but provide willing customers for future events.

Faktor in the fee you are able to pay for a speaker. Your search for a speaker can be narrowed or broadened based upon your budget.

To help you plan a successful fundraising event for your club or charity, we have provided a PDF called “Fundraising’s 12 Commandments plus Tips and Hints” for you to download and use as a handy reference source.

If you would like to speak with us about ideas for your next fundraising event, please email Justin or call 0410 248 587

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When Too Much Sports IS Too Much!

Fundraising Ideas for Sporting clubs

There are not enough hours in the day. Or maybe the problem is that humans have only one set of eyes and ears. Because following all the sport that’s available at the moment is driving me crazy.

Even though this Cricket World Cup is unfolding with the pace of a three-toed sloth, I like to keep an eye on the Aussies (and the faltering Poms).

At long last, the footy is back and I want to get my fill of the Bunnies, the Tahs and the Crows. Oh, and the V8s have started again and I don’t mind seeing the occasional high-speed crash in high def!

So today I’m watching four things at once on two TVs – the remote is smoking – and I’ve got the radio on in the background.

Sometimes, too much sport IS too much.

But that’s never true of the K Faktor.

For us, Too Many Sporting Greats are Barely Enough.

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