The K Faktor

Amb'ship & Corporate Work

Sir Vivian Richards

Memorabilia series in conjunction with Cricket Australia, the ICC and the Bradman Foundation

Viv and Bradman

Tommy Raudonikis and Robert ‘Dipper’ DiPierdomenico with Coca-Cola for Kirks

Billboards that went up all over NSW and VIC

Tommy Outdoor Kirks

Dipper paper ad kirks


David Boon & Brett Lee with Commonwealth Bank Kaching app

The K Faktor facilitated and administered the involvement of Cricketing Legend David Boon to become an Ambassador, alongside Brett Lee, for the new Commonwealth Bank Kaching mobile app.


5 Origin Legends for Coca-Cola can series

To commemorate the 2009 Origin series the K Faktor worked with Coca-Cola to produce this limited edition Origin Legends can series.

2009 Coke Cans series

David Boon as ambassador for Canadian Club Whiskey

A large campaign that consisted of Boonie becoming the new face of CC. the idea of the campaign was not to promote a change in tastes from beer to CC but to think about a refreshing change once in a while.

Boonie Off Premise Scratch Card Winner A

Robert DiPierdomenico as Dare for Diabetes Ambassador for Type 2 Diabetes awareness campaign

Dipper became the face of a campaign daring Australian men to go and be tested for type 2 Diabetes

Robert DiPierdomenico for Gillette Movember campaign

Dipper and wife Cheryl as ambassadors for Gillette as they support Movember, prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s mental health

Boonie’s book – David Boon’s Funniest Sporting Moments

Released in December 2012 with sales to January of 10,000+. Apart from negotiating the contract for David The K Faktor proof read and assisted with cover design.


Arthur Beetson and Tommy Raudonikis

Numerous campaigns from 2007 to 2011 with Telstra, NSWRL, NRL, Fox Sports and Channel 9 to promote the Origin series each year.

Birth of Origin