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Andrew Joey Johns – should you believe the media?

Andrew Joey Johns – should you believe the media?

This photo was taken at the Lakeside Village Tavern in Raymond Terrace last Friday night where Joey was doing a ‘sportie’ with Justin (me!) from the GC6s and The K Faktor. As far as alcoholic consumption Joey had not touched a drop all day/night. We had performed a lunch at The Albion Hotel  and a dinner in the Terrace. I lost count of the number of photos posed for, autographs given and conversations Joey had with the attendees by 1pm! He was obliging, very funny, spoke openly and honestly, and feedback from the 2 sellout crowds has only been extremely positive. The gent with the tattoo in the photo was over the moon that Joey agreed to pose for this pic, it made the young mans day!

Over the past 17 years I’ve promoted and spoken at more than 1000 of these events and Joey is right up there with the best when it comes to being entertaining, giving and generally just a nice bloke.

I was brought up to judge and treat others as to how they treat me. I’d say there are a few hundred people since last Friday who will think differently of Joey now.

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